Rafting the Czech Republic’s river Vltava looks like an adventure dream come true!

Enjoy banter, beer and natural beauty on an epic two-day rafting trip down Bohemia’s mother river, the Vltava. This is outdoor adventuring with style!

This post was sponsored by Budvar beer

South Bohemia, that region of jaw-dropping scenery and ancient cities, is the birthplace of much of what the Czech Republic holds dearest. High in its mountain forests rises the Vltava, the revered ‘mother river’. A couple of days drift downstream and you’re in Cesky Krumlov, a gem of Baroque and Gothic architecture and one of the best-preserved Renaissance towns in the world. Further still and you’re in beer country and Ceske Budejovice, the brewing city with a thousand year heritage and home to the iconic Budweiser Budvar.

Small wonder then that Czechs regard rafting down this stretch of river as pretty much a rite of passage; it is an experience passed down the generations with many making yearly pilgrimages to do it. Between June and September the river is alive with Bohemian spirit. Paddlers weave through mountains and forests by day, stopping off at riverside bars or cooling off with a wild swim. Nights are spent under the stars and beside campfires, swapping beers and river stories.

If you’re dying to go to the Czech Republic but can’t stand the idea of stag-night riddled Prague check out Budvar beer’s new destination site CzechStories.com.  It’s loaded with weird festivals, goulash gurus and off the beaten track adventures.  One which really caught our eye was the story of rafting down the Vltava river (see the film above).