A novice’s guide to cycling to work in the rain

How to pedal to the office without getting your hair (and everything else) soaked



Today it didn’t just rain, it poured, and jumping on my bike for the three mile journey to work was the last thing I wanted to do… But rather than resorting to the car, I decided it was a great opportunity to test my wet weather gear and see if I could make it to the office without looking (and feeling) like a drenched rat.

So, with a little help from Didriksons, Patagonia and Buff, I ventured into the monsoon. The result?Completely soaked from head to foot on the outside. Completely dry (apart from a tiny patch where I had left my jacket pocket unzipped) on the inside. Hooray! 

Here’s what I wore:

Didriksons Nimbus waterproof pants

Great fit, fully lined for maximum warmth and dryness. Adjustable velcro ankle tabs ensure water doesn’t leak into your shoes/boots. 

Patagonia waterproof shell jacket

I’ve had this old favourite for several years ( so long I can’t even remember the model name – sorry all!) and it never disappoints. If I hadn’t forgotten to zip up one of the pockets I would have been completely dry.

Polar fleece by Buff

I used this as a snood under my helmet in an attempt to keep my hair dry even though I knew it wouldn’t be fully waterproof.  Surprisingly it worked and despite the buff being absolutely soaked my hair was still dry. 

Lifeventure rucksack rain cover

This did what it says on the cover.  It kept everything dry inside including my mobile and a dry pair of socks (just in case!). Get yours with an issue of Outdoor Adventure Guide