ISOLATION: An ode to the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands aren’t the biggest mountains in the world. They’re not as steep as the Chugach, don’t get as much snow as the Wasatch, and aren’t as jagged as the Alps. They might just be the most beautiful, though.

There’s a certain lonely and otherworldly beauty that’s unique to the Highlands. The landscape is stark, and barren, and moody, but the emptiness leaves room for the soul to soar. They’re not up in your face like some other mountain ranges, but they’re all the more real for that; a wilderness with an open invitation. The names drip forgotten magic like whisky falling to the glass; if Buachaille Etive Mor was a conjuror’s incantation, what would it summon? Yet there’s a comfort in their bleakness, and despite the inhospitality and sheer indifference to life, they feel like home. Like heritage.

I S O L A T I O N is a short film about a character who abandons society’s predictability in a bid to uncover the secrets buried within the Highlands. Sometimes you have to escape the office cubicle, the underground, and all the other artificial trappings of modern life, just to remember what’s real in the world.