Watch what happens when mountain biking meets mountaineering

We love combining two sports into one day, and we love Scotland. This bike-climb combo might be too crazy even for us though

The area around Aviemore and Glenmore Lodge in Scotland is the perfect playground for outdoors-y types, so much so that it can be hard to decide which adventure activity to choose on any given day: paddling, hiking, biking, maybe? Normally the weather is the deciding factor. If it’s raining you get the kayak out and make the most of the higher flows; if it’s snowing you get the skis out, and if it’s really cold maybe an ice climb.

If you’re part of the Trippin MTB crew though, it’s always biking weather – even when it’s minus a lot and blowing an absolute hoolie out. While mere mortals might be tempted to hide in Glenmore Lodge’s bar with a dram of good whisky on blizzard days, Oe Nagan is made of sterner stuff and decided to make the most of the conditions by strapping his bike to his back, climbing a snow-filled gulley high in the Cairngorms above Aviemore, then riding an exposed ridge back down.

Trippin – Winter Climb Ride

Ever thought of combining two of your favourite passtimes into one hell of a day?! Trippin’s Oe Nagan did just that by strapping his bike to his back, heading into deepest darkest Scotland and pioneering a snow filled gully before galloping down an exposed ridge back to the warmth of Glenmore Lodge!

Speaking of the mission, he said: “Staring up the gully from the bottom we quickly began to question our idea, it was a hell of a steep long way up but there was only one way to find out if it would work!”

While putting the bike back together high up a mountain in a blizzard looks frankly painful, there’s no doubting the ride back down was epic fun and made a great story in the bar that night. Next time you’re tempted to wimp out when the weather doesn’t cooperate, instead take Nagan’s advice: “top saying no and get out there and make your perfect day!”