How to stay visible in the dark

Cycle home in the dark? Then Nitebright’s Complete NiteBright Safety System will help keep you safe

As a regular commuter cyclist I was keen to try out  Complete NiteBright Safety System during the dark winter night rides home. I’ve often felt that however bright my bikes lights, car drivers don’t always see or know that there is a cyclist in front.

Nitebright Cycle

The NiteBright system consists of a lightweight LED panel(148 grams including batteries), which flashes extremely brightly and is clearly visible from 200+ meters or more and in the direct eye line of other road users for instant recognition. Wearing this product made me feel so much safer in the dark.

I used the fully adjustable high vis body harness over my rucksack as I found this to be the most comfortable.  The harness can also be worn on its own over any other clothing, or alternatively, the NiteBright panel can be securely attached to any existing bags or rucksacks using the universal harness, both of which are included in each NiteBright pack as standard.

Nitebright 1

The LED unit comes with six different interchangeable panels so can be used for several different outdoor activities including, cycling, running and child safety.

At an affordable price of £28.95 its definitely essential be safe, be seen kit!