Relationship goals: tips for adventuring as a couple

There’s nothing better than a partner who shares your love for getting out and adventuring outdoors, but it isn’t always as easy as those #relationshipgoals hashtags suggest

Sharing a passion with your significant other is awesome, and opens the doors to all sorts of rad adventures together; you’re also less likely to get in trouble for cancelling dinner plans due to the swell forecast to hit or the 50cm of powder coating the ski hill when she or he is just as stoked to get after it! It’s not all plain sailing though: things like travel plans to cool destinations without one another can complicate even the best relationships, not to mention different needs and desires on trips together.

Climbers Kyle Dempster and Jewell Lund know all about it. They were climbing partners before becoming actual partners, and have been through all the ups and downs together – literally as well as figuratively, given their dedication to mountaineering! In the video 5 ways to love in the mountains they detail their tips for integrating a love of outdoor adventures into a healthy relationship (we’ve added some tips from the couples on Outdoor Adventure Guide’s team below too).

5 Ways To Love In The Mountains

What would it take for your climbing partner to also be your significant other? Meet Jewell and Kyle! They’ve dedicated their lives to mountaineering and this is their advice for integrating outdoor adventure into a relationship. This film goes out to all the couples who get after it together.

OAG’s tips for adventuring as a couple:

  1. Bring more food than you think you need – not only will it help keep morale up, but it’ll prevent any ‘hangry’ meltdowns too
  2. Be realistic about your skills and fitness – sure you’re an expert climber/windsurfer, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to circumnavigate the Isle of Skye in a kayak.  Equally, just because you’re a super-fit marathon runner doesn’t mean your partner can handle a 100km bike ride without any experience or training
  3. Share route-finding – look for trail markers together and share map reading. It can be hugely bonding, and is key for safety too
  4. Let the weaker skier/hiker/climber/whatever go first – there’s nothing worse than feeling deserted by your fitter/braver other half when you’re nervous or struggling to keep up
  5. Start a new sport together — one that neither of you have tried before. Learning something together is a great way to bond and get to know each other, and provides a level playing field for future adventures
  6. Make sure you both have the right gear – sure you’ve got that great new down sleeping bag, but your girl/boyfriend is unlikely to enjoy a winter camping trip in their ultralight summer sack
  7. Find the romance – you may be tired and dirty after 3 days camping off the grid, but taking the time to share a wild sunset together might just make the trip