Meet the five Brits flying the flag for UK adventurers

Running 200 marathons, cycling across South America and breaking world records — here are five amazing feats from British adventurers

In a summer marked by political shock, resignations and embarrassing football defeats (well, unless you’re Welsh) we’re turning to the world of adventure to lift our spirits — and our national pride. These five intrepid explorers have answered our calls!

The Thrifty Adventurer

Laura Bingham pedalled 7000km across South America without spending any money

Laura Bingham pedalled 7000km across South America without spending any money

Cycling 7000km across South America is an impressive feat in its own right, but  23-year-old Laura Bingham, from Winchester, took it a step further: She did it without spending a single penny. Instead she helped local communities and businesses along her way in return for food and shelter. We bet her fiancé, British adventurer and Guinness World Record Holder, Ed Stafford, is more than a little bit proud.

The Ultra Triathlete

Sean Conway, a 34-year-old from Cheltenham spent 85 days completing a 4000-mile ultra triathlon around the coastline of Britain. Starting in Lulworth, Dorset, he cycled 3,350 miles to Scarborough, where he left his bike and carried on around the coastline to Brighton. His final leg was a 100 mile swim from Brighton back to Lulworth, which he completed in June 2016. And if that wasn’t tough enough, he did it entirely unsupported, carrying everything with him (including his tent).

The Record-breaking Mum

Masha on her way to a World Record

Masha on her way to a World Record

Mum of two Masha Gordon (42 years old) has broken the Explorer’s Grand Slam Female World record by more than three months after becoming the 400th woman to reach Everest. She spent seven months and 19 days achieving the feat, considered to be ultimate adventure challenge (it involves climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents as well as trekking to the geographic North and South poles), one of only three people to do so in less than a year. We doff our caps!

The Epic Solo Runner

Wayne Russell spent ten months running the coast of Britain, a 5000 mile slog the equivalent of running 200 marathons. He set off from his home in Greenwich in September 2015 and finally completed his epic run in July 2016, raising £25,000 for charity in the process. The inspiration for his adventure? The premature death of his sister Carmel, who dedicated her life to community causes after being diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, a rare heart condition.

The Around the World Cyclist

Adam Sultan completes a marathon in Athens

Adam Sultan completes a marathon in Athens

Adam Sultan is swapping the Tube for two wheels, as he sets off on a five-year long, 46,000 mile journey around the world, raising money for SEED Madagascar. Adam spent ten years working for the London Underground, but following the death of his father in 2014, he decided to explore things beyond his career. In 2015 he ran 15 marathons around the world and this summer marks the start of his epic cycle across the globe. Best of luck, Adam!