How to build a Teepee

Whether the weather’s playing ball or the heavens have opened, a teepee on the beach or in the garden will keep you sheltered from the elements, give the kids a handy hideout, or just get a few lengthy stares from passing dog walkers. Here’s how to make your own teepee  

  1.  Unstitch an old double duvet cover to make the tipi skin; canvas is a waterproof option.
  2.  Draw a semi-circle. The height of the tipi will be the radius distance A-B.
  3.  Now cut the fabric into a semi-circle (radius 3m) and give the cut edge a hem for neatness. Sew two Velcro strips onto its straight edge to form the wigwam door. Around the curved edge, sew a series of thick string loops to stake the wigwam to the ground.
  4.  To form the interior frame you will need 10 thick bamboo poles measuring approx 4m long. I got mine from
  5.  If you plan to transport the finished wigwam, cut the poles in half and whittle some dowelling inserts as joints. 4m-long poles will not easily fit into a standard estate car.
  6.  Secure three of the poles in a tripod shape, lashing the tops together with rope.
  7.  Place remaining poles around the tripod; lash together.
  8.  With assistance from a tall friend, wrap the fabric around the frame and join the Velcro doors.

Want to give it a go? Download our free, printer friendly step-by-step guide to building your own teepee.