10 of the best outdoor cooking hacks

Tips and tricks to make outdoor cooking life that bit easier (and a lot more fun!)

1. For a makeshift camp kitchen, tie a belt around a tree and use it to hang up pans and spoons

2. Store salt, pepper, herbs and spices in Tic Tac boxes to save space. Or, if you already know what you’re cooking, make a blend of seasonings ahead of time


3. Combine your dry ingredients in resealable bags before you leave home to save time and space at the campsite. Don’t forget to label them

4. Create your own waterproof matchbox using a plastic container with sandpaper attached

5. Grilling meat? Add a bunch of rosemary directly to the fire for added flavour. Sage will also work, and has the added bonus of keeping mosquitos away

Burn a sprig of rosemary for extra flavour|Fotolia.com

Burn a sprig of rosemary for extra flavour|Fotolia.com

6. Line your bowl with a tortilla before you tuck into stews, curries and so on. It means less washing up, and an extra treat to eat at the end of your meal

7. Store olive oil, vinegar, washing-up liquid and other liquids in travel-sized bottles, rather than lugging the entire thing around with you

8. Rub eco-friendly soap over the outside of your camping stove before using to it make cleaning up an absolute doddle!

Soap will stop your pans looking like this |Fotolia.com

Soap will stop your pans looking like this |Fotolia.com

9. Pack a frisbee. It makes a brilliant makeshift chopping board or bowl, as well as offering hours of entertainment (just remember to wash it first)

10. Forgot the soap? Grab a handful of silver birch (Betula pendula) leaves, tear them up and rub your hands with them. They contain saponins (nature’s soap) and are mildly antiseptic