13 year old British surf phenom shreds huge waves in Hawaii

Unfazed by the size and power of the Pacific Ocean, Cornwall-based ‘grom’ Stanley rides surfing’s most revered waves on Hawaii’s formidable North Shore

Stanley Eric Norman might only be 13 years old, but he’s already setting the surfing world alight. Born and bred in Bude, he’s able to spend every spare minute in the ocean, and it’s payed off big time. Despite his age, he’s become a truly incredible surfer and unafraid to mix it up in some of the world’s heaviest waves

Stan visits the Tropics – Part One

STAN VISITS THE TROPICS Stanley Eric Norman -the 13 year old grom from Bude in Cornwall, UK has just returned from an end of season trip to the North Shore of Hawaii. Conditions were pumping and crowds thin.

He’s just got back from a trip to the North Shore of Hawaii, surfing’s mecca and ultimate proving ground. The North Shore is an intimidating place. With waves as perfect as the famous Banzai Pipeline the competitive crowds can often be as cut throat as the deadly coral reefs lurking just below the surface, but Stan dived in totally unfazed.