A tale of exploding magazines…

Oh deary, deary us. Look at what happened when we opened the first mag to arrive in the office. It’s SO full of extraordinary adventuring excellence that it literally burst. Literally!


In an exploding nutshell, that’s why it’s going to be late. In a sort of way it’s our fault for making it so ripe and lovely, but in a very real way it’s the printer’s fault for using some sort of fancy glue which takes longer to set. Yes, we were a bit sceptical too, but then we left the mags overnight and they sorted themselves out. And now they’re finally ready to go off to you.

photo 2

As a penance, the gluer involved is being stuck over a tank of sharks (with laser beams, naturally) and here’s hoping that whatever is holding him up sets a bit quicker than the stuff he used on our mag.

Anyway, the dates you now need are: subscribers should get their mags within a couple of days. Newsstand buyers should find it on Saturday 25 April. And we’ve got a date wrong in the mag, just to keep you on your toes: the next issue is out on 25th June.

You can still subscribe any time this summer and get BOTH issues plus two free gifts by heading here.