Alive in Alaska: A glimpse into the life of a nomadic photographer

Living on the road as a freelance photographer isn’t easy, but for Alex Strohl a life of perpetual adventure is the only life worth living

Alex Strohl is a Madrid born, French photographer based in Montana who spends the majority of his time on the road. His photography has been featured in some of the most prestigious publications, and his clients include a number of household-name brands – Facebook, Apple and Land Rover just for a start. However Strohl isn’t your typical travel and adventure photographer: rather than shooting contrived scenes, he specialised in creating authentic moments and capturing them as they unfold.

Alive in Alaska

A glimpse into the nomadic life of the photographer Alex Strohl during an adventure in Alaska.

Alive in Alaska is a glimpse into his life as a nomadic photographer on an adventure in Alaska, documenting the challenges of balancing nature, work, family, friends and relationships, and the rewards to be gained by those who find the courage to do so. It’s not all easy going – as Strohl’s partner Andrea Dabene tells, there is comfort in home and stability – but the prize is a life of travel and adventure in some of the most outstanding natural landscapes on the planet.