Cycle to the beach for a true British winter micro-adventure

You don’t need to fly halfway around the world for an adventure: sometimes everything you need is just a few miles down the road, even right here in the UK

One of the best aspects of living on an island like Britain is that the sea is always close by. In fact no matter where you live in Britain, you’re AT MOST 70 miles away from the ocean! There’s something mesmerising about that mass of salt water, so huge and powerful and uncaring… It’s like a magnet for the soul. It pulls you in. Like staring into a fire, somehow just sitting and watching the waves brings a peace and sense of perspective that’s hard to find elsewhere.

So next time you’re stuck for something fun to do on the weekend, take the advice of British author and adventurer Alastair Humphreys and escape the city rat race for a trip to the beach!

A Winter Microadventure: Cycle to the Sea

Nobody in Britain lives more than 70 miles away from the sea. Everyone should make an effort to go see the sea – it’s good for the soul! Sleeping on a beach is fun too, though you don’t always get what you want…

However Alastair’s idea of that quintessentially British tradition of a weekend on the seaside is a little different to most peoples. Rather than throwing one of those blue, red and yellow striped canvas windbreaks in the back of the car and cruising down the M5 to a comfortable (if squeaky-springed) bed in a slightly down at heel hotel that wouldn’t look out of place on a Victorian-era postcard, how about making it a real adventure? Pack a sleeping bag and camping stove and jump on your bike, then bunk down right there on the sand.

Sure, there are some issues: 70 miles is quite a long way and there isn’t a lot of daylight in December (so watch out if you stop at a pub for some refreshment on en route). Plus the weather may or may not cooperate. But making the effort to get there purely with the power of your own legs makes for far more satisfying trip in the end.