Danny MacAskill brings a new meaning to ‘powder day’ in Scotland

MacAskill makes snow biking look like so much fun, scoring a true Scottish powder day and fresh tracks through the forest – on his mountain bike!

There’s nothing legendary trials rider Danny MacAskill loves more than going out and about on his bike in the hills of his beloved homeland, Scotland. Ever one for taking things to extremes, he doesn’t shy away from a bit of cold weather, either. While most in Aviemore would reach for their skis when the Cairngorm Mountains are this snowy, MacAskill and fellow pro biker Nash Masson decided to head out in search of fresh tracks of a different sort.

Danny MacAskill – Myself and Nash Masson putting our… | Facebook

Myself and Nash Masson putting our backcountry skills to the test in the Cairngorms… #Gopro #Santacruz #Snow

Weaving down the steep trails and through the trees isn’t easy with slippery snow on the ground, as the pair find out with numerous spills along the way, but they had plenty of fun nonetheless!