Daredevil sea kayaker almost gets swallowed by the ocean

When you’re battling heavy waves the last thing you want to see is a huge hole just open up in the ocean…

We normally think of whitewater as the exciting, adrenaline raising side of kayaking, but there’s no question that sea kayaking can get plenty ‘sporty’ too. A body of water as big as the Atlantic Ocean can do as it pleases when it pleases, and a puny little kayak isn’t going to get in its way.

The Raz de Sein off the coast of Brittany is a particularly gnarly patch of ocean, stretching between the island of Sien and the Pointe du Raz in Finistère. It’s renowned for fierce tides (particularly in spring) and heavy seas, but that wasn’t enough to deter dedicated local sea kayaker Samuel Debiesse.

Henri Camus

Samuel Debiesse dans le raz de Sein le 20/08/2016

Charging out amongst the heaving waves, Debiesse manages to catch and surf a more shapely wave before almost getting sucked into a ridiculously monstrous hole that opens up in the ocean just to his right. Needless to say, we don’t recommend trying this at home!

Watch more of Debiesse’s kayaking adventures on his YouTube channel here.