Montane announce new drone delivery service ‘Further Faster’

Montane takes a leap into the future with announcement of new speedy drone-delivery service for its outdoor clothing and accessories

The new Montane Further Faster Delivery Service caters for today’s culture of immediacy and gives outdoor enthusiasts the option to have their Montane kit delivered wherever in the world they are.  Using a smart device, Further Faster Delivery drones use advanced GPS systems to accurately track customers’ location to deliver orders within minutes. Whether out on the hill, in a downpour without a waterproof jacket, or finding that a wicking t-shirt isn’t cutting it whilst out on a run, customers need never be dressed inappropriately for outdoor adventures again.

The NEW Montane Further. Faster. Delivery Service

Today sees the official unveiling of the NEW Montane Further.Faster. Delivery drone service, that caters for today’s consumer culture of immediacy and gives all outdoor enthusiasts the ability to have their Montane gear delivered directly to them wherever they are in the world, no matter the location, within mere minutes of placing their order.

The Montane brand is well-known for designing lightweight kit, and since incorporating drone compatible features into the design of their clothing and accessories Montane customers can now receive their orders in record time.  Drone-compatible features include drone-friendly gear loops and internal stuff pockets, which fold into their own lids and pockets for quick delivery preparation. Since its inception in 1993, Montane has established itself as a pioneer of new technologies by harnessing cutting edge developments in clothing, accessories and backpack designs. With the launch of the drone to phone service, Montane is taking a big, innovative leap into the future.

Montane Marketing Manager Terry Stephenson says: : “We’ve been secretly testing this within the UK and are happy to announce that Further Faster Delivery will be fully operational within the UK by June 2017 and Europe by 2018. Enhanced batteries and obstacle avoidance technology means that we can guarantee deliveries even in rough weather or to remote locations. This is a hugely exciting step for Montane and one that will cement the brand as innovative through and through”.

Stephenson continues: “With our new drone compatible clothing, it is literally possible to pile a heap of kit onto our Further Faster Delivery drones and deliver parcels without concern for weight. We’re hoping our ground-breaking service will encourage those in the outdoors to add a bit of spontaneity to their outdoor adventures, knowing they are only a drone away from having any additional items they need delivered in an instant.”

The Montane Featherlite™ pack range demonstrates the drone-compatible design, which stuffs away into its own lids to enable quick delivery preparation and ultimately fast drone to phone service.

The Featherlite™ 30 pack stuffs away into its own lid and includes drone friendly gear loops to enable lightweight, quick delivery when Further Faster Delivery is selected.

The Featherlite™ 30 pack stuffs away into its own lid and includes drone friendly gear loops to enable lightweight, quick delivery when Further Faster Delivery is selected.

Inspired by Amazon’s ‘Drone to Home’ service, Montane ramps it up a gear by removing the need for physical addresses altogether. Fed up of waiting around all day for a courier or the postman? Wait no more with Further Faster Delivery and let Montane use the latest technology to bring you its latest kit technologies.


  • Montane’s Further Faster Delivery service enables users to place orders online to be sent out to wherever they are
  • A purpose-built fleet of drones uses advanced GPS systems to pinpoint user’s locations to within metres
  • The drones also utilise new battery technology and obstacle avoidance for safe delivery
  • UK deliveries will commence from June 2017
  • European deliveries will be fully operational from 2018
  • Delivery time will be cut to a maximum of 40 minutes