Watch mountain bikers storm 5400m Thorong La pass in Nepalese Himalayas

With just 50% of the oxygen found at sea level, pedalling and carrying a heavy mountain bike at such altitude is truly torturous

You can’t really get away from mountains in Nepal – they’re just everywhere, big and brooding, wherever you look, omnipresent. Yet even though the abiding memory most visitors take home is of those huge Himalayan peaks towering above everything else, there’s no denying the fascinating and colourful culture makes a trip to Nepal just a little more special and enriching than your average MTB destination.

The landscape itself is a true playground for pretty much every outdoor sport you can think of, and mountain biking is no exception. Yorkshire-based MTB crew the ‘Trippin Fellaz’ recently headed out on a mission to ride some sweet Himalayan trails, but almost bit off more than they could chew when they set out to conquer the lofty heights of the 5400m Thorong La pass…

Nepalese pass storming – Thorong La – Trippin

With 5400m the aim we packed our bags, flew into Kathmandu and embraced some Nepali culture. All the way from the foot-hills heading up to Manang to the dry arid rain shadow down to Pokhara this trip blew our minds.