New kit we like: The Primus Eta Spider

More Swedish ingenuity from Primus, this time in the form of the fast-heating Eta Spider stove for two.This bit of kit is packed with clever features. For starters, it uses Primus’s Eta technology, giving it a 70% efficiency rating, meaning it saves money on fuel and emissions. Two big ticks from us.

Next up; the design. The very stable aluminium windshield has three magnetic fasteners to keep the burner in place, while the lid for the one-litre non-stick pot doubles as a colander. Very nifty indeed.

Plus there’s the fact that it all packs down into a very low-profile bag (there’s even space for a 100 gram LPG cartridge inside) and weighs in at just 600 grams, making it a viable option for multi-day hikes.

Even the transportation bag  has an added function, acting as an insulator so you can leave your food in inside to carry on the cooking process, or just keep food/water warm.  This is a well thought out stove, right down to finest detail.

Price: £100
Primus Eta Spider