Seven campsites that are just a train ride away

Haven’t got a car? Want to go far? But not so far you can’t lug your camping gear there? Here is our pick of seven campsites that are just a train ride away


Seven campsites that are just a train ride away

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1. Noongallas, Cornwall

£6-7 taxi ride from Penzance station.

Pitch price: £6 per adult, £3 per child.

2. Eweleaze Farm, Dorset

Around £10 taxi ride from Weymouth station.

Pitch prices: £9 Sun-Thur, £18 Fri-Sat (from £4.50 for kids).

3. Stowford Manor Farm, Wiltshire

£5 taxi ride from Trowbridge station.

Pitch price: £7 plus £7 per adult and £3.50 for kids.

4. Fisherground, Cumbria

Take the train to coastal Ravenglass from Barrow-in-Furness, then make the rest of your journey (40mins) by miniature steam train.

Pitch price: £7, children £3.50.

5. By the Way, Stirlingshire

Located 50 yards from Tyndrum station, with arrivals from Glasgow and Oban three times daily. Pitch price: £8.

6. Fieldhead, Derbyshire

Edale station is a 5 minute walk from the site.

Pitch price: £7, children £5.50.

7. Edisford Bridge Farm, Lancashire

About £3 taxi ride from Clitheroe station.

Pitch price from: £10 per two-person tent.


There are a few other benefits of train travel to your camping destination:

  • You’re forced to take a lot less so it’s the perfect minimal weekend away
  • No grotty car to clean when you get home
  • You get an awesome view – trains tend to cut through the countryside – ogle-worthy vistas make the journey part of the adventure


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