Watch massive bear chase mountain biker in Slovakia

Mountain biker has VERY close call with huge brown bear in Slovakian bike park

Downhill mountain bike trails are filled with hazards like rocks, trees, jumps and drops, but the Malinô Brdo bike park in Ružomberok, Slovakia takes the already risky sport to a whole new level – with the addition of wild and decidedly angry-looking bears.

Luckily the rider was carrying plenty of speed and was able to get away after the bear sprinted out of cover after him.

Medveď Bikepark Malinô Brdo (otváračka Bikeparku – prišli uplne všetci)

Uploaded by Dušan Vinžík on 2017-05-08.

We have no way of verifying if the video is real, but it certainly looks the part! Slovakia also definitely does have a healthy brown bear population – in fact it’s one of the few European countries were bears and wolves still roam freely. Officials estimate roughly 700-900 wild bears currently live in Slovakia, mostly in the Tatras mountains in the north west of the country. Don’t worry if you’re planning a visit though – no bear attack related fatalities have been recorded in the last 100 years.

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…