Watch: OAG exclusive preview of The Free Man film

Follow Olympic skier Jossi Wells’ pursuit of aerial adventure in new sneak preview of The Free Man – exclusive to Outdoor Adventure Guide!

At some point in our lives we all dream of flying… I wonder why that is?

The Free Man is a new film documenting Olympic freeskier Jossi Wells’ pursuit of airborne liberty. No stranger to airtime after a career of throwing himself off huge jumps and half pipes on skis, now he wants to take it to the next level… In partnership with legendary aerial athletes, base jumpers and wing suit flyers The Flying Frenchies, Jossi will take to the skies in search of the ultimate freedom: flight.

We bring you a new sneak preview of the film, EXCLUSIVE to Outdoor Adventure Guide:

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Check out the preview of new The Free Man film – exclusively on Outdoor Adventure Guide!

Freedom is defined as the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity, as Olympic freestyle skier Jossi Wells learns when he partners with The Flying Frenchies for the adventure of a lifetime in breathtaking documentary THE FREE MAN, available digitally from April 10th and on DVD from April 24th.

To reach the level of liberty encapsulated by the concept of being truly free is both a physical and mental endeavour that many will risk their life to obtain. Is life worth risking for the feeling of conquering fear and becoming truly free? These are the questions Jossi Wells must ask himself as he meets extreme sports performance artists, The Flying Frenchies, and takes on the challenge of his lifetime thousands of metres above the ground.

Directed by Toa Fraser (Dean Spanley, Giselle), who brings a breathtakingly cinematic sensibility and narrative construction to the world of extreme sports, THE FREE MAN is as beautiful a film as it is a thrilling one. Shot in New Zealand and France, the film offers a rare insight into the story of men who push themselves to the point of no return; men who quite literally stare into the abyss and who embrace the fact that any moment at the top of a peak or on the face of a cliff could be their last.

Produced by Matthew Metcalfe (Beyond The Edge, McLaren) in his fifth collaboration with Toa Fraser, THE FREE MAN is a film that once seen, is impossible to forget.

The Free Man is available on digital download on April 10th and on DVD from April 24th, which you can pre-order now from Amazon