This huge tidal race in Australia is absolutely mesmerising

With huge waves and sucking whirlpools hundreds of metres deep, it’s the epitome of ‘deadly but beautiful’

Rare footage has emerged of a tidal race – where a fast-moving tide flows either over an underwater obstruction or is funneled through a constriction, forming river-like rapids and standing waves – off the coast of the Kimberley region of northern Australia.

The phenomenon reportedly only occurs twice a year, but is absolutely mesmerising in its power, producing standing waves up to 40 feet high, and whirlpools 800m across shearing down 100m below the surface. Legend tells that several ships have foundered there over the years, and in one of the clips a 40 foot boat can be seen struggling against the 35kmh current.

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You won’t have seen this before! ?35 kilometer per hour tides! ? Standing Waves 40 feet tall ?Whirlpools 800 meters in diameter with holes 100 feet deep! This is the stuff of legend. That small…

While rare, tidal races do occur regularly around the world. For years kayakers have surfed the Falls of Lora near Oban, Scotland and The Bitches which lies between the Welsh coast and Ramsey Island, plus the famous Skookumchuck Narrows in Canada.