Whitewater kayaking at night is mesmerising

What’s more exciting than kayaking off 70 foot waterfalls? Kayaking off 70 foot waterfalls at night in an LED light suit

Whitewater kayaking is generally a sport best done by day: being able to see where you’re going tends to help, especially when big waterfalls and grade 5 rapids are involved.

Todd and Brendan Wells aren’t like most kayakers though. Renowned adventures who’ve chased their love of whitewater to the ends of the earth and back, they’ve paddled some of the biggest and most dangerous rivers around, documenting their adventures along the way. In this segment from their full film For The Love, the brothers don LED light suits and venture onto their home runs in Washington at night – including the mighty 70 foot tall Outlet Falls.

Liquid Lumination – Mountain Mind Collective

This is a segment from the feature film “For the Love” now available on iTunes and Vimeo on Demand! Visit MountainMindCollective.com for more.