European Outdoor Film Tour announces 2016/17 dates

Bringing the year’s best action, biggest challenges and most exhilarating adventures to screens across the continent

The European Outdoor Film Tour is an Autumn staple in the outdoor adventure scene. It’s a platform to showcase all that is great in outdoor sports, and inspires thousands of people to get outside and experience the wonders of nature in all its guises, in a multitude of different ways. It’s not about big budget mega productions; rather the aim is to celebrate real, raw adventures by genuine explorers in incredible locations. This year’s Tour is a real mix, and includes everything from big wall climbing on Baffin Island with The Wild Bunch to an ambitious (first) whitewater kayak descent of the Beriman river in Papua New Guinea, with a side of steep skiing, mountain biking and iceberg swimming thrown in for good measure.

E.O.F.T. 16/17 – Official Teaser

Here we go for the first pictures of the new programme. Ice-bathing in the Arctic, kayaking through the jungle of Papua Neuguinea and snowy peaks in South-East Asia – the E.O.F.T. 16/17 is more exotic than ever. We celebrate real adventure and look forward to share them with you on tour!

The films are just one aspect of the E.O.F.T though. It brings together the whole diverse set of outdoor sportspeople at each spot, developing a sense of community. It’s a great forum to sharing ideas and expertise across different sports, and it’s this that makes it such a standout event.

This year the tour will visit over 300 stops across Europe, kicking off 7th October in France and heading to Britain 2nd November. The UK schedule is as follows:

  • London 2nd November
  • Bristol 3rd Nov
  • Liverpool 4th Nov
  • Edinburgh 6th Nov
  • Glasgow 7th Nov
  • Leeds 9th Nov
  •  Manchester 11th Nov
  • and Sheffield 10th Nov
  • Birmingham 13 Nov
  • and back to Bristol 14th Nov.

Tickets are available E.O.F.T website, and information about the films showing will be released shortly.